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Halloween Bookmark

It’s already Halloween in Australia. We don’t really celebrate it here at all, but we’ve managed to find a few little pumpkin lanterns for later tonight.

This bookmark can be bought from Full Moon Treasures. I love paper books – always will – and you definitely can’t use cute bookmarks for an ereader!


The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever!

Three copies of The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever! are listed for international giveaway over on Goodreads. It’s almost summertime here in Australia, and it’s never cold enough for sled rides anyway, but I can imagine this is the kind of book a lot of people are looking for over the holiday season.

What do seven kids do on a cold winter day when rain and sleet have created a thick crust of ice on top of the snow? It’s so slick and icy that sledding seems impossible—almost. Lizzie and her friends convince her grandfather to let them try to push his old-fashioned travis sled, a long, bench-like sled on runners, uphill so they can fly downhill, down the highest, mightiest, iciest sledding hill off Old Mountain Road. New Hampshire storyteller Rebecca Rule brings her trademark wry sense of New England humour to this delightful tale of a wild sled ride. Connecticut artist Jennifer Thermes’s beautiful watercolors are so full of motion, you’ll be holding on to your hats and scarves for this one.

Halloween Bookmarks

These crazy bookmarks are made in Kyiv, Ukraine, but will ship overseas. Being half-Ukrainian, I love finding great things from there!

My Bookmark

Book Lovers cupcake toppers

Book Lovers cupcake toppers by Apple Blossom Cupcakes.

Witch’s Book of Spells Bobby Pins

These are very cute!

Witch’s Book of Spells Bobby Pins by Kalyn Designs.

Halloween Bookends!

Halloween Bookends made by Gifts by Gaby.

A little gymnastics for the weekend

I love, love, love Diana Bulimar’s gymnastics. It’s such a pity Romania didn’t give her a chance to try for an individual medal on this event at the Olympics this year.

Cute Bookend

Wooden Squirrel Bookend by Graphic Spaces.

Halloween Stuff!

In Australia, Halloween isn’t really a thing. Nobody does anything about it. The first – and only – pumpkin I’ve ever carved was in Korea! (I cut my hands about a hundred times, and needed an American man nearby to explain how to cut the lid so it wouldn’t fall in!)

However, the internet has been full of Halloween stuff recently, including some amazing takes on the Jack O’Lantern. You can buy all of these on Etsy, saving you lots of mess and money in Band-Aids!

Stained glass mosaic candle holder by Three Sisters Candles

Jack O’Lantern Light Up Bucket by Lizzie Jeans

Ceramic Jack O’Lantern by ShellHawk’s Creations

Halloween Pillow Covers by Bubble Gum Dish

Vintage Ballet Book

I own this book! I had no idea it was from the 1960s! Wow. I wonder where I got it from because I used to read it as a child.

You can buy it from HERE.

Written by Ian Woodward and illustrated by Martin Aitchison.
Published by Wills & Hepworth Ltd, England, in 1969.