New Year = New School Year

It’s officially the start of the new school year here in my part of Australia. The best or worst time for people from age five to seventeen or eighteen!

I don’t remember all my “first days” that clearly, but of course a few stand out: first day of kindergarten, first day of high school (which is year seven here – I turned twelve that week) and first day of college (eleventh grade – I turned sixteen in the first week). I remember those – of course – because they were the scary days!

I also remember the first day of ninth grade because I looked so young some brand new seventh graders thought I was one of them. To be asked out by a seventh grader = very embarrassing for me then!

Speaking of school, we drove past my old primary school the other week. (Primary school is what Americans call “elementary school”). I was struck by how little anything had changed. Also, that, in a world where people in some countries have armed guards, fences and metal detectors – and some fanatics want teachers to be armed and have shootouts with gunmen – that my school experience was so different. And safe.

The grounds are big, open and beautiful, as you can see here!

Natalia Heaney Primary School Canberra

Natalia Heaney Primary School Canberra 2


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