This Week

I read Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. Still not seeing why some readers are so critical of her books! They deal with serious teen issues, and don’t so it with a glossy Twilight veneer. The cover is very misleading though: this is not a romance. I really liked this one, and will review it soon.

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

I reread a favourite: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. Feeling bad I didn’t have another one of her books on hand to read next, I went hunting through my TBR books for anything that interested me and found I actually did have another Elkeles book: Leaving Paradise! It was buried at the bottom of a pile of books in my bedroom – this makes me happy!

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

I discovered there are Perfect Chemistry series posters. However, as always, they’re only available for Americans. I’m becoming rather tired of American publishing people ignoring everyone from other countries. It’s time for that to change, especially as I really like that poster!

Perfect Chemistry Simone Elkeles Series Poster

I discovered Judy Blume’s Forever… has been rereleased. It is one of the few Blume books I didn’t read growing up, probably because I read her books in primary (elementary) school, and Forever was a bit heavy on the sexual content for the children’s library… I definitely plan to pick this one up!

Forever... by Judy Blume


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