Giving up on Tumblr


This doesn’t have all that much to do with books (but my Tumblr did have some book stuff on there!), but here I am officially saying I have no plans to keep up with Tumblr anymore. I have a queue of nearly 300 posts, but as I’ve been locked out of the site because of technical issues three times now, I’m not even going to bother trying anymore.


I don’t know how many double-ups I have of Tumblr/(this) blog followers, but sorry if I don’t follow back or respond to messages over there anymore! I don’t know how that place keeps running with its endless technical problems! Grr!


Another thing I wasn’t too fond of about the site was how many uncredited images got shared around. I am a bit addicted to Pinterest, but there I try to find the sources of the images. On Tumblr, there’s a lot of copyrighted stuff being used without any kind of credit given to photographers. It was making me uneasy. Also, my update feed would have random sex images or antifeminist graphics in it, and I really hated seeing that stuff!


So goodbye Tumblr. You were very annoying while you lasted. Thanks for giving me back some free time!


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