This Week

Enlighten Canberra National Portrait Gallery 2012 Natalia Heaney

It has been a beautiful week here. We had the second week of the Enlighten Canberra festival, and we had a busy weekend!

This week I read a book that annoyed me quite a bit. Having never lived somewhere with super-conservative politics, I really hate it when I pick up a book and feel like the author is pushing an extreme political agenda. By the end of the book I felt like someone from America’s National Rifle Association was trying to convert me.

I’m Australian: that stuff is a real turn-off to me!

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

I also did a bit of a reread of Jennifer Echols’ Endless Summer. Judging by the setting of it, the politics in the town in Echols’ book probably isn’t any different to the book that annoyed me, but I appreciate that the author didn’t feel the need to push an agenda.

I think I could reread that one a bunch more times and still love it!

Natalia Heaney Canberra Sunset


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