John Marsden’s Tomorrow Series

Ever since about sixth grade, I’ve gone through phases of rereading John Marsden’s Tomorrow series. The series grew, grew, grew, finished, and then a spinoff trilogy was written. More than one generation grew up with the stories. With a female protagonist and the kind of action and excitement that appeals to boys, Marsden managed to create a series that worked for everyone, and the first book was on my school curriculum.

For those unfamiliar with it, the books are set in rural Australia, and follow a group of teenagers who go camping out in the bush for a few days.
When they return, they discover their country has been invaded, and after fleeing and going into hiding, they decide to fight back.

The first book was made into a movie not all that long ago, and even though things were changed (as they always are), I thought they did a pretty good job. The lead actress was 100% miscast for the book character, but I think she created a different version of Ellie, and I didn’t mind her performance. Some of the accents were a bit weird (one of the actresses was English, and a couple of others put on the strangest voices that didn’t sound all that Australian), but I really did like the movie quite a lot.

Here’s the trailer:



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