Oh the drama!

I’m sure plenty of readers have come across the totally bizarre drama unfolding in the New Adult/Young Adult world. A recently released book by Jordin Williams started doing very, very well on the Amazon charts, playing up all the tropes so popular with young adult readers at the moment (tattooed bad boy, for example).


Prolific website Dear Author revealed on Wednesday that the book contains stolen writing, primarily from the hugely popular (and very good) NA book Easy by Tammara Webber. It later unfolded that this wasn’t the only book that had been plagiarised.

It now looks like this so-called author is using stock and stolen photos to create various internet profiles (there’re about four author names linked to this one person), and may not even be female, let alone the young woman (women) they’ve been passing themselves off as.

It’s all very strange! How in the world did they think they’d get away with plagiarising NYT bestsellers?

You can read about it on Dear Author. There’re also pretty good summaries of it HERE (seriously, read this one, it will freak you out!)  HERE and HERE.

On another note, I would definitely recommend Easy. It’s the best of the ‘tattooed bad boy’ NA books I have read – and there’re A LOT of them at the moment!

But sadly, I have seen some readers say they don’t care about the plagiarism because they still like the book, so they’re keeping their glowing reviews up. I find is upsetting there’re readers who are fine with theft. What if someone stole things from you and nobody cared?


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