Why We’d Be Screwed if Young Adult Books Were Real…

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The Huffington Post ran this story the other day. It’s mostly stuff YA readers have joked about before, but it’s still worth a read!

Why We’d Be Screwed if Young Adult Books Were Real

The main points of the article:

1. Teenagers would be responsible for saving the world.

Where ARE all the adults in YA fiction? And how come they only appear to prove what incompetent parents they are?! 🙂 🙂

2. Everyone’s relationship status would change to “It’s Complicated.”

I think “misogyny” has to be added to this one.

I’m tired of the “mean pretty girls fighting over the pretty boy, only for the plain girl – who is, naturally, smart because she’s plain – to snag him” trope. It’s sexist.

3. Parents would be totally MIA.

Sort of links to point #1.

4. Aliens, angels, ghosts and genetically altered humans are hiding among us.

I haven’t been reading as many paranormal books recently, but I sort of like the idea of these people living among us (as long as they don’t want to harm me!).


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  1. I really enjoyed reading that article earlier today. I love the “it’s complicated.” Facebook would blow from all the break-ups and make-ups, I think.

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