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Discover Dogs (Level 2 Reader) by Amanda Trane

Discover Dogs (Level 2 Reader) by Amanda Trane

Discover Dogs in this Beginning Reader

Do you like dogs? There are lots of different dog breeds and each dog has different things to know about it. Beginning readers will learn all about dogs in this short, leveled reader.

Here is an example of the text level:
The world is full of dogs. Some dogs make great pets. This pug wants to go on a walk.

Discover Reading series books from Xist Publishing are created with digital and print reading in mind. Each page features a photograph with descriptive text leveled for early readers.


Discover Dogs (Level 2 Reader) by Amanda Trane

I must admit: I downloaded this review book to look at pictures of dogs!

This is a reader for younger kids, helping with vocabulary.

Two points:

* The book is written in American English. For example, a handbag is referred to as a “purse” (a purse means something different to the rest of us). Also, the troublesome “off of” makes an appearance.

* I would have liked a reference to a guide dog, as other working dogs are mentioned.

A quick read.


Review copy from NetGalley.


Out Now: The Boy from Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

The Boy from Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

The Boy from Tomorrow has such an interesting concept. Dealing with children living in the same house in completely different time periods, it manages to be historical fiction as well as fantasy (the kids connect with each other despite the generations between them).

The book is out today, and the blurb is below.

The Boy from Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

Josie and Alec both live at 444 Sparrow Street. They sleep in the same room, but they’ve never laid eyes on each other. They are twelve years old but a hundred years apart.

The children meet through a handpainted spirit board—Josie in 1915, Alec in 2015—and form a friendship across the century that separates them. But a chain of events leave Josie and her little sister Cass trapped in the house and afraid for their safety, and Alec must find out what’s going to happen to them. Can he help them change their future when it’s already past?

The Boy from Tomorrow is a tribute to classic English fantasy novels like Tom’s Midnight Garden and A Traveller in Time. Through their impossible friendship, Alec and Josie learn that life can offer only what they ask of it.

On this day: a Ballet Premiere

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The romantic ballet La Sylphide premiered in Paris on the 12th of March, 1832. The ballet was created by Italian choreographer Filippo Taglioni as a showcase for his ballerina daughter Marie, the dancer generally credited with being the first to ever dance en pointe.

As the original production was lost, French choreographer Pierre Lacotte used old records and images to recreate a new production for the Paris Opera in the 1970s.

This promotional photograph by Francette Levieux is from the revival. It features Michaël Denard as James and Ghislaine Thesmar in the title role. Thesmar is the wife of Lacotte.

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Book Dress

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French designer Sylvie Facon has created this fantastic book dress. Not sure there is ANYWHERE a person could wear it, but it’s clever!

Sylvie Facon has created a dress made from the spines of books 😍 Wow.

Sylvie Facon has created a dress made from the spines of books 😍 Wow

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On this day: A new generation of ballet stars

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Photograph caption dated March 2, 1986 reads, The new generation of ABT dancers (from left) Gil Boggs, Amanda McKerrow, John Turjoman and Bonnie Moore. American Ballet Theatre

This photograph, dated the 2nd of March, 1986, was released to the media to introduce “the new generation of American Ballet Theatre stars”.

Pictured are Gil Boggs, Amanda McKerrow, John Turjoman and Bonnie Moore.

A 1985 interview with Turjoman and Moore, where they discuss interpreting Romeo and Juliet as very young dancers, can be read HERE.

McKerrow went on to be known as one of the greatest ballerinas in the history of ABT.

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Andersen Book Art

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Hans Christian Andersen‘s The Little Match Girl was first published in December 1845.

Karine Diot sells book art based on Andersen’s stories.

Paper Sculpture Fineart Postcard The little match girl n-4 - Hans Christian Andersen's tales

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Courtney Milan…

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I want to share historical romance author Courtney Milan‘s #metoo story. (That is her penname; she is Heidi Bond in real life) You can read it HERE.

There is a Washington Post article about it. I have a subscription, but if you don’t you may not be able to access it (they only allow a few free reads a month).

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Goodreads 2017

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Goodreads Choicde Awards 2017

Yet again, Goodreads members can vote for the “Best Of” of the year, and yet again the voting has been opened with a sixth of the year still to go!

I have just begun Joanna Shupe’s A Daring Arrangement – released on the 31st of October – and I already know it will be one of my favourite reads of the year.

It also doesn’t have a chance to make it into the nominations, seeing as it came out hours before the voting opened… I really wish Goodreads would rethink how they do their yearly awards!

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1992: Ukrainian Champions in Barcelona

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The 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona were held from late July to early August. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union the year before, athletes from the former USSR competed under their own flags and national anthems in individual events, and for the Unified Team in group events.

Ukrainian rhythmic gymnasts Alexandra Timochenko and Oksana Skaldina came home with the gold and bronze medals. They are the two fair-haired first place-getters pictured below at the 1991 World Championships.

Alexandra Timochenko (Ukraine), Oksana Kostina and Oksana Oxana Skaldina (Ukraine) (URSS) 1991 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Champions

Under their own flag for the first time, Ukraine’s 1992 female artistic gymnasts also outshone their teammates, with the women winning a further two gold, a silver, and two bronze medals individually, as well as a share in the team gold with their Belarusian, Uzbek and Russian teammates.

Stamp_of_Ukraine_s23 Rhythmic Gymnastics Stamp of Ukraine 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Ukrainian stamp from 1992, featuring Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics. X

Despite almost no funding and an ongoing war with Russia, Ukrainian gymnasts continue to win Olympic medals, most recently gold and silver…

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Visit Scotland Book Sculpture

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In a series commissioned by Visit Scotland, here is a book sculpture of the Glenfinnan Viaduct. The famous landmark has been used in lots of television shows and movies, including the Harry Potter series.

More pictures can be found HERE.

Glenfinnan Viaduct Book Sculpture Visit Scotland Harry Potter TRAIN

Glenfinnan Viaduct Book Sculpture Visit Scotland Harry Potter

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