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Snowflake Bookmark

It’s going into summer here, but this Snowflake Bookmark would be nice for Christmas!

Snowflake Bookmark


Cute Turtle Bookmark

I love this!

Cute Turtle Bookmark

Beaded glass bottle bookmark

By Frozen Notes.

beaded with glass bottle bookmark blue

Across the Universe Bookmark

Across the Universe Bookmark by Mistress Jennie.

Across the Universe Bookmark

Across the Universe Bookmark2

Cute Christmas Bookmarks

Cute Christmas Bookmarks by BrankletsNBling.

Christmas Bookmark

Christmas bookmark1

Pretty Lavender Bookmark

This unique floral and copper bookmark is made by Jeannine Handmade.

Halloween Bookmark

It’s already Halloween in Australia. We don’t really celebrate it here at all, but we’ve managed to find a few little pumpkin lanterns for later tonight.

This bookmark can be bought from Full Moon Treasures. I love paper books – always will – and you definitely can’t use cute bookmarks for an ereader!