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Happy Ukrainian Christmas!


Ukrainian Christmas in Kyiv Ukraine


Harry Potter Christmas ornaments!

a new recycled Harry Potter book made into a Christmas ornament

Book Page Christmas Trees

Book Page Christmas Trees

Book Page Christmas Trees

Wall Art + Christmas Book Set

Wall Art + Christmas Book Set

Wall Art Children's Illustration Print and Children's Christmas Book Set

Folded Book Angels

Folded Book Angels

Folded Book Angels

Snowflake Bookmark

It’s going into summer here, but this Snowflake Bookmark would be nice for Christmas!

Snowflake Bookmark

Winter Gingerbread House Kindle Cover

This Kindle cover is very Christmas-themed, but I love it! I’m already starting my Christmas shopping, because it takes so long to get things to Australia from overseas.

Winter Gingerbread House Kindle Cover

Christmas 6th – 7th of January!

Today is Christmas Eve for people in many Eastern and Southern European countries, and their descendants around the world! People of all branches of Christianity will celebrate tonight.

ukrainian christmas

Ukrainian Christmas

It’s Christmas!


Gorgeous Art Print: “Clara and the Nutcracker”

This gorgeous “Clara and the Nutcracker” print can be bought from Jessica Grundy!

Clara and the Nutcracker