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The Cat Who Ate Christmas by Lil Chase and Thomas Docherty (Illustrations)

The Cat Who Ate Christmas by Lil Chase and Thomas Docherty (Illustrations)

The Cat Who Ate Christmas by Lil Chase and Thomas Docherty (Illustrations)

A funny, heart-warming Christmas story about one little kitten and a very big turkey!

It’s Christmas, and everyone in the Hudson family is very excited – including their kitten. First he knocks the Christmas tree over, then he shreds the presents, and finally he eats the entire Christmas turkey! Mum gets cross, and the kitten runs away. But when he doesn’t come back, the Hudson family have to venture out on Christmas Day to find their naughty kitten. Can they have a merry Christmas after all?

This gorgeous book is illustrated in two-colour throughout, with a special section at the back for Christmas facts, jokes, craft activities and recipes.

The Cat Who Ate Christmas by Lil Chase and Thomas Docherty (Illustrations)

This is a sweet little book about a family at Christmas – and the kitten who destroys everything. It is very much a book for the festive season.


The Cat Who Ate Christmas comes with illustrations (highlighting an interracial family without ever feeling the pressure to make a fuss about it), as well as recipes, activities and jokes related to the story.


It is a little longer than I expected it to be, which means the youngest readers might need some parental assistance.


I was confused for a while where the story was set (my copy was in American English). There was a reference to time zones that made *no* sense if the setting was America. It turns out the author is from London, making this a British-set book with American language!


One thought: this family needs to read up on cats! They do everything wrong and neither train nor restrict the kitten from all the things he does wrong. I know it’s just a book, but what terrible pet owners!


However, it’s a solid entry for younger readers.


Review copy from NetGalley.


Happy Ukrainian Christmas!


Ukrainian Christmas in Kyiv Ukraine

Harry Potter Christmas ornaments!

a new recycled Harry Potter book made into a Christmas ornament

Book Page Christmas Trees

Book Page Christmas Trees

Book Page Christmas Trees

Wall Art + Christmas Book Set

Wall Art + Christmas Book Set

Wall Art Children's Illustration Print and Children's Christmas Book Set

Folded Book Angels

Folded Book Angels

Folded Book Angels

Snowflake Bookmark

It’s going into summer here, but this Snowflake Bookmark would be nice for Christmas!

Snowflake Bookmark

Winter Gingerbread House Kindle Cover

This Kindle cover is very Christmas-themed, but I love it! I’m already starting my Christmas shopping, because it takes so long to get things to Australia from overseas.

Winter Gingerbread House Kindle Cover

Christmas 6th – 7th of January!

Today is Christmas Eve for people in many Eastern and Southern European countries, and their descendants around the world! People of all branches of Christianity will celebrate tonight.

ukrainian christmas

Ukrainian Christmas

It’s Christmas!