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Library Cats Dress

This dress, with a books-and-cats theme, can be bought from Australian shop Pipka Designs on Etsy. Unlike some Etsy shops, this one will let you order more than one dress.

Library Cats Princess Puff-Sleeve Dress by PipkaDesigns on Etsy.


Harry Potter Christmas ornaments!

a new recycled Harry Potter book made into a Christmas ornament

Book Page Christmas Trees

Book Page Christmas Trees

Book Page Christmas Trees

Wall Art + Christmas Book Set

Wall Art + Christmas Book Set

Wall Art Children's Illustration Print and Children's Christmas Book Set

Folded Book Angels

Folded Book Angels

Folded Book Angels

Snowflake Bookmark

It’s going into summer here, but this Snowflake Bookmark would be nice for Christmas!

Snowflake Bookmark

Harry Potter Dress

Hey, it’s a Harry Potter Dress!

Harry Potter Dress

Wizard Coins for Halloween?

Want an edible Harry Potter sort of Halloween?

Harry Potter Coins

Book Pumpkin for Halloween

Cinderella’s Book Pumpkin would make a great Halloween decoration!


Book Page Halloween Lanterns

Something for Halloween?

Book Page Halloween Lanterns